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Berlin Berlin Germany Few cities in the world are as multi-layered as the German capital, offering immersion in history, architecture, art, culture or just pure, unadulterated fun (it has a major clubbing scene). With it’s “anything-goes” vibe, it feels more like New York or London, but its incredible sights and museums bring the city’s complex past powerfully into the present. View Guide Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany With its futuristic skyline and top airport, Germany's financial center is one of Europe's busiest commercial hubs. Travelers who come to stay are pleased to discover a city with a lovely riverside location, pristine historic center and impressive museum scene. During its Book Fair and Auto Show, Frankfurt is booked up months in advance. View Guide Barcelona Barcelona Spain Set on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona boasts over two miles of palm tree–lined beaches. A few blocks inland, visitors will stumble upon Gaudí's mystical architecture, Michelin-starred restaurants, tapas bars galore and the haunting Barri Gòtic. Barcelona is a dreamy locale, filled with romantic music and long, enchanting evenings. View Guide Istanbul Istanbul Turkey Straddling two continents (Europe and Asia), Istanbul is a city that defies definition, and merges multiple cultures and myriad histories. A European café society and joie de vivre can be found in the trendy neighborhoods of Karakoy and Beyoglu; while Sultanahmet, the Old City, is awash in Muslim and Ottoman history. View Guide London London England All eyes have been on London of late, and for good reason. In an entrepreneurial spirit, the city has taken the opportunity to push its boundaries. Home to some of the world's best museums, the British capital is constantly turning art, fashion, culture and theater on its head—and keeping locals and visitors alike enthralled. View Guide Madrid Madrid Spain Madrid is sometimes mistakenly rushed through en route to Barcelona and Seville. The city is, in fact, an excellent representation of Spain's melting pot. Much of Madrid's population is from other regions—or other countries—creating a fascinating blend of cultures and a welcoming spirit. Plus the Prado alone warrants a full day of exploration. View Guide Miami/Sunny Isles Miami/Sunny Isles United States Miami has taken the best aspects of its neighbors and created its own unique culture. On any given day in the Florida city, visitors will encounter music from Cuba, a Caribbean pace of life and Spanish spoken as often as English, not to mention a healthy dose of Southern hospitality. It is, after all, south of the Mason Dixie line. View Guide Milan Milan Italy Other Italian cities might be more in the travel spotlight, but sophisticated Milan has the hold on style (as anyone who's seen the ravishing film Io Sono Amore can attest to). Home to top couturiers and interior designers, it has long been a shopper's paradise, but now, thanks to a slew of cool chefs, Milan's culinary star is rising. View Guide Monte Carlo Monte Carlo Monaco Fast cars, bikini-clad beauties and lavish living are defining features of Monaco’s waterfront district, wedged between costal France and the Italian Riviera. Car enthusiasts should time a visit to coincide with the Formula 1 Grand Prix, a spectacle to behold as racecars whip through the narrow streets, or else make sure to tour the Prince’s car collection. View Guide Moscow Moscow Russian Federation Brooding and dramatic, Moscow has an inherently mysterious nature. Be it in a coffee shop like Café Pushkin, amongst towering landmarks like the Red Square, at the Bolshoi Ballet, or in this month's hottest vodka tasting rooms, there's far more to this Russian city than meets the eye—and it all must be seen to be believed. View Guide Munich Munich Germany The southern German city has it all: a gorgeous Old Town, an acclaimed cultural scene, a sprawling park, and a laid-back vibe, especially in such trendy neighborhoods as Schwabing. Add to that a choice location near Bavaria's lakes and mountains, and you get one of Europe's most appealing cities for locals and visitors alike. View Guide New York New York United States The Big Apple is a city that people love to love. From the bright lights of Times Square to the quaint tree-lined streets of the West Village, New York has a little bit of everything—and a lot of energy. Try keeping up or just sit back and watch it all unfold. The sidewalks of Manhattan are as entertaining as any Broadway show. View Guide Paris Paris France "I came to Paris to, you know, live," exclaims Audrey Hepburn in Paris When it Sizzles, and indeed the French capital has an irresistible pull. The monuments are exquisite, the gardens lush, the locals maddeningly chic. But it's the quiet moments that enchant, from a morning walk on the quays of the Seine to an aperitif al fresco as tout le monde strolls by. View Guide Rome Rome Italy Few cities display their history as Rome does. Walking from the Colosseum to the Forum and on to the Pantheon might take under an hour, but the journey back in time reaches thousands of years. That is, until scores of whizzing, brightly-hued mopeds, a couple scoops of stracciatella gelato and bright, sunny days pull you back to the present. View Guide Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil For a looming sea of concrete and skyscrapers, Brazil’s largest city is far from bland. As gritty as it is glamorous, Sao Paulo skips to the beat of its own drum, pulsating with an enchanting melody that proves hard to resist. Set to host the 2014 World Cup, the urban metropolis has never been more exciting, hitting its stride at the right time. View Guide Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Its history spans thousands of years, and vestiges of Berber, Roman, Ottoman, and European influences color the present. From its sandy Mediterranean beaches and cosmopolitan cities to the Atlas Mountains and expanses of southern desert, Tunisia offers curious travelers a world of wonders to discover. View Guide Venice Venice Italy With its pastel-colored palazzos reflected in limpid lagoons, the serene city has been captured ad infinitum in words and images—yet it still takes one's breath away on first encounter. Nowhere else can you escape the modern world as completely as in Venice's romantic alleys. The city's wealth of art is only topped by its utterly unique setting. View Guide Vienna Vienna Austria The Habsburgs, Haydn, Mozart, Freud, Klimt, Schiele—the famous names of past residents alone point to the Austrian capitals' cultural legacy. But Vienna is hardly trapped in the past. Rather, it is a youthful capital, and its culinary and design scenes, especially, are beginning to draw attention away from more established capitals of cool. View Guide Zurich Zurich Switzerland With commanding views of the Alps, Zurich is consistently cited for its high quality of life. It has also long been a trendsetter in environmental concerns, as seen in its clean-living Sustainable Zurich program. The burgeoning Zurich-West district, meanwhile, has refreshed the city with avant-garde galleries, new restaurants and lively nightlife. View Guide
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