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Palácio Tangará’s Tribute To Paradise
Sense Of Place

From the outside and in, Palácio Tangará São Paulo is Brazilian through and through. With its location in the heart of the city's largest green space Burle Marx Park, the hotel's verdant lawns and tropical landscaping are a fresh reminder that you're surrounded by the abundant nature of a 27-acre Atlantic rainforest. Don't let the quiet calm fool you, however, you're still in the midst of the metropolis, and only steps away from landmark attractions, and the best shopping and nightlife neighborhoods.

There's the land's storied history, too—the estate on which the hotel stands was originally owned by Italian-Brazilian tycoon, Francisco Matarazzo Pignatari, known as "baby," the grandson of Count Francesco Matarazzo, an Italian-born São Paulo industrialist, and one of the city's most influential families.

Enjoy a wine tasting inside the hotel's well-stocked cellar.
In the Tangará restaurant, winged mirrors are a reference to the South American songbird from which the hotel takes its name.
Palácio Tangará, in its devotion to Brazil's rich natural resources, represents all that is magical about São Paulo.
Palácio Tangará's verdant lawns and tropical landscaping are a fresh reminder you're surrounded by a 27-acre rainforest.
Shining Resources

Brazilian architect Patricia Anastassiadis, determined to showcase her country's natural beauty, has infused references to the Amazon into the hotel’s interior design, as much she has highlighted São Paulo's cosmopolitan glamour. She painstakingly committed herself to ensuring that the flavor of Brazil came through the hotel, in everything from the lovely black and white photos of the city's landmarks and Brazilian artwork, to granite stones and natural wood. "I cannot create a project without telling a story," says the designer.

The tale begins in the lobby where a golden foil installation, Papeis Avulses, by Laura Vinci, references Brazil's gold rush, which began in the 1690s. On the far right are two hand-woven wool tapestries by Fernando Arias, that represent river maps, "only they have been artfully executed in cashmere," says Anastassiadis. The large circular floor just before the reception area, with its chevron stripes, resembles the rays of the sun.

In the Tangará restaurant, winged mirrors are a reference to the South American songbird, the tangará, from which the hotel takes its name. And, no matter where you sit, mirrors ensure that all tables offer a view of Burle Marx Park, even if it is caught as a reflection. Another nod to the great outdoors is in the wine cellar, where a striking table in the center is made of a single piece of wood, signed by Brazilian designer Pedro Petry, made from a fallen tree in the rainforest.

To learn more about Palácio Tangará São Paulo, or to request a tour, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.

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