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Discover Distinctive Brazilian Architecture During A Private Tour With Palácio Tangará São Paulo
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From an enviable location in the city's dynamic Morumbi neighborhood, Palácio Tangará offers guests the perfect jumping off point for an architecture tour of Sampa. But the city is more than just a collection beautiful buildings.

The hotel itself exists in one of São Paulo's greatest green spaces, within the 26-acre Burle Marx Park. Named for its designer, landscape architect, Roberto Burle Marx, the São Paulo modernist pioneer considered himself a painter, and approached his landscape design as works of natural art. The tour begins in the park, filled with royal palms, reflecting pools, and wondrous feats of landscaping, as in the two-tone chessboard lawn made from two different types of grass. The park is a haven for birds and other animal species, where their habitat is guaranteed since it is one of the last places in the urban area to represent the Atlantic rainforest. The lush green space was created to contribute to improve the city's air quality, and act as a conduit between the human population and nature.

The chess board lawn in Burle Marx Park.
Lina Bo Bardi designed Casa de Vidro, a home raised on stilts with a striking glass façade.
Burle Marx Park is a window into the imagination of Brazil's most famous landscape architect.
From the Palácio Tangará's enviable location inside Burle Marx Park, guests can explore spectacular architecture in nearby Morumbi.
A Home Tour Of Sorts

Just 3 miles away, the tour continues at Casa de Vidro, a house constructed predominantly from glass. Built in 1950, the glass house was the first project by the Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi. A cherished space for the architect, it was the home where she and her husband, Pietro Maria Bardi, lived for more than 40 years. The tour explores the intricacies of the architect's contemporary design: a glass-covered façade seems to float atop thin pillars, and the garden shows Bardi's love for Brazil's tropical forests.

The final stop, less than a mile from the Bardi home, is the residence-turned museum of another São Paulo couple. The Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation displays around 1,500 objects, some of which were from the couple's personal collection, and takes visitors on a journey through the history of Brazil from its colonial and imperial days all the way to the 20th century. Oscar Americano, a civil engineer, created the leafy upscale suburb of Morumbi, where the 1950s house is located. A visit isn't complete without a stop on the first-floor café, which is known for its afternoon high tea.

To learn more about Palácio Tangará or the São Paolo architecture tour, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.

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