On The Table

Enjoy A Private Dinner Under The Stars At Ponta Dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort's Private Island
Your Wish Is Their Command

There's private dining, and then there's an experience so out-of-the-ordinary that it goes beyond mere exclusivity. Dinner on a private island during your stay at Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort can only be described as a feast for every sense.

Off the shoreline of the resort's secluded beach on an uninhabited island, there is one table, bathed in moonlight. Covered in flowers and candles, the setting beckons guests for an evening of wine and fine dining in perfect seclusion beneath the stars. A dedicated butler is on hand to ensure that your every wish is granted. The tasting menu, which highlights the cuisine of Santa Catarina, is created by the resort's award-winning chef, José Nero, and paired with wines specially selected to complement the flavors of each course. While some guests want to be involved in the menu selection, and are afforded that opportunity when making their reservation, others prefer to be surprised with each successive dish.

Couples dine in a private setting on a small island, just off the resort's beach.
The table is set for a romantic dinner, reserved for only one couple each night.
Follow the twinkling lights on the footbridge to a private table under the stars.
Each night one couple is invited to dine beneath the stars on an uninhabited island.
A Night Filled With Special Touches

Ponta dos Ganchos is an adults-only resort with only 25 bungalows, located on a private peninsula along southern Brazil's Emerald Coast, and surrounded by fishing villages inhabited by the first Azorean immigrants to the region.

The private island dinner, which has been a special experience for guests since the resort’s inception features small touches designed to put romance in the air. Follow the twinkling lights across the footbridge, which guides you to your exquisitely appointed table, "Yes Island" so named for the number of proposals that have been accepted there. And on the table? You'll feast on fresh local oyster stew with peppers and cilantro oil, and chocolate and cointreau parfait with Brazil nut pralines. Everything is set for you to enjoy dinner under the stars, and for memories of this dreamlike destination you won't soon forgot. All you have to do is hope there's an opening.

To learn more about Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort, or to arrange a dinner on your own private island, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.