An Old Fashioned Makeover

At The Milestone Hotel, A Classic Whiskey Cocktail Gets A Smoky Redo
Conjuring A Classic

Plinio Veloso, head barman at The Milestone Hotel’s Stables Bar, dressed in his white bar jacket could be mistaken for a scientist; and in a way, he is one.

Plinio is one of the co-creators of the smoky Milestone Old Fashioned, a refreshingly modern take on the classic whiskey cocktail dating back to 1895.

Author Robert Simonson, who wrote an extensive book on the history of the Old Fashioned, believes there's no single cocktail as iconic, as beloved, or as debated as this satisfying tipple. Perhaps it’s because its formula is so simple: whiskey, bitters, sugar, and ice.

Plinio Veloso, head barman at the hotel's Stables Bar, carefully mixes The Milestone’s Old Fashioned.
Liquid gold.
The Milestone’s signature cocktail is a unique interpretation of the classic Old Fashioned.
As the dome is lifted, velvety orange smoke wafts into the air, diffusing the cocktail’s smoldering aroma.
Fragrant Spectacle

It took three months for Plinio and Fabrizio Russo, food and drink manager at The Milestone, to perfect their special cocktail. The whiskey in the Milestone’s Old Fashioned is aged on-site for 60 days in wooden barrels, which are prepped with neutral spirits and Canadian maple syrup. The bitters are a Stables Bar innovation, too, made to an exacting recipe conjured in-house.

Once the whiskey and bitters have been expertly stirred, the cocktail is placed under a bell jar for the finishing touch: smoke infused with apple molasses shisha and orange peel. As the dome is lifted, the velvety orange smoke wafts out from underneath it and into the air, letting you catch the smoldering aroma of the cocktail before your lips even touch the glass. Cheers.

To learn more about The Milestone Hotel, or to reserve a table at Stables Bar, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.

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