Tierra Santa Healing House

The Spa At Faena Hotel Miami Beach Is Based On A Visionary Hotelier's Meditative Retreat
Shamanic Input

Many spa experiences promise treatments that afford restorative changes in mind, body, and spirit, but the Tierra Santa Healing House at Faena Hotel Miami Beach has done its research, delivering treatments devoted to tried-and-true ancient practices.

Many of the spa's healing therapies were created in collaboration with healer, Carlos Gomez, so the expectation of something completely life changing isn't out of the realm of possibility. The name Tierra Santa , itself, which translates to Holy Land, was inspired by Mr. Faena's beach house in Punte del Este, Uruguay, which bears the same moniker, and is the Argentine hotelier's personal healing and meditative retreat.

The spa's custom treatments meld ancient South American healing rituals with indigenous ingredients.
The showstopper of the urban oasis is a jasmine-scented hammam with its central platform of heated Amazonite.
Enter an oasis of authentic holistic therapies for the spirit, mind, and body at Tierra Santa Healing House.
Unforgettable experiences abound inside the 22,000-square-foot, oceanfront haven.
Good Vibrations

The entire third floor of the hotel is dedicated to the spa, and is meant to be serve as the 14-story hotel's spiritual center. The spa's custom treatments meld ancient South American healing rituals with indigenous ingredients. Warmed herbs are applied to the skin, and rare Chilean crystal stones are placed on the body to liberate pent-up stress in the signature Sacred Warrior. Release tension with the Tree of Life Vibrations, where the tune up comes from "sound massage." Bowls made of different precious metals, hand-crafted in the Himalayas, produce various tones to balance the seven chakras of the body.

Pure and simple pleasures abound inside the 22,000-square-foot, oceanfront haven, including the spa ritual upon arrival, where guests are gifted with an exfoliating mitt and hand-cut soap for cleansing in the wet spa before treatments begin. And get ready to be mesmerized by the showstopper, which lies at the heart of this sanctuary— a jasmine-scented hammam with a spectacular heated platform of amazing Amazonite.

To learn more about Faena Hotel Miami Beach, or the Tierra Santa Healing House, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.