Run, Don't Walk

A Veteran Hotelier Is Lacing Up His Jogging Shoes To Show His Guests How Much Fun Paris Can Be
Jérôme Montantème, general manager at Fauchon l'Hotel Paris.
Jérôme Montantème
General Manager, Fauchon L’Hotel Paris

“Running a small hotel is different from running a large hotel,” says Jérôme Montantème, taking a rare moment of relaxation over coffee. “Not in the standards or quality, but in the scale. You can really get to know your guests. And that is the reward.”

A native of Lyon, France, Jérôme comes to the role of general manager of Fauchon l’Hotel Paris with long and deep experience managing luxury hotels on the French Riviera and in Paris. The challenge of creating a bespoke hospitality experience almost from scratch at the brand-new Fauchon l'Hotel Paris is something that clearly excites him. “We have the chance here to create a unique experience for the guest, with attention to the guest’s needs, tailored to the guest, so that the guest feels as though this is not a hotel, but a friend’s home,” he says. "But the only way to do that is to know the guest. And that takes time from every member of the team, especially the general manager. I should be here to welcome guests, to have a conversation with them."

Each of Fauchon's guest rooms and suites is appointed for comfort, pleasure, and a measure of fun.
Fauchon L’Hotel Paris

The Fauchon group’s first venture into hospitality is a boutique luxury hotel tucked into two Italianate buildings designed by Baron Haussmann, the architect and city planner who laid out modern-day Paris in the 19th century. Two of Haussmann’s most elegant boulevards converge in Place de la Madeleine, over which presides the temple-like Madeleine church, surrounded by fashion houses and gourmet boutiques–including two owned by Fauchon. Each of the 54 guest rooms and suites is appointed for comfort, pleasure, and a measure of fun: the color palette is a bold black and white, with touches of magenta and gold turning up unexpectedly in the back wall of a bookshelf or the fabric on a king-sized headboard.

Local Recommendations

Jérôme Montantème’s Advice For A Memorable Visit To Paris

Talk to Jérôme and any member of his team for even a few minutes, and you will hear the word “GLAM.” The way they use it, it’s not a word but a credo—a distillation of the guiding principles of Fauchon l’Hotel Paris. G stands for Gastronomy, for which Fauchon is world-renowned; A, for Attention to detail; L, for Location, and M for “Mesdames”–a special focus on what female guests will appreciate, with a certain French touch. To Jérôme, GLAM is what makes the Fauchon experience unique; each element is important, but the hotel’s location on Place de la Madeleine, in the heart of the city, is what really sets it apart. “This is a neighborhood where people have fun,” he says. “They shop, they dine, they go out with their friends, they celebrate. Being in the middle of that means that we have a chance to be part of the fabric of their lives.”

Paris is full of unique experiences; the trick is to find the right one for each visitor. Jérôme and his team at Fauchon l’Hotel Paris have fresh ideas for travelers of all tastes.

Running Tour Of Paris

Get Outside For A Jog With A View

Frequent travelers often need to stretch their legs—literally—to keep up their fitness regimen or adjust to a new time zone and climate. If guests arriving at Fauchon l’Hotel want advice on the best jogging paths in the center of Paris, they can ask the hotel’s in-house expert: Jérôme. A dedicated city runner, he knows the routes through the Tuileries Gardens or along the Seine River that provide for the best workout for the eyes as well as the legs and heart. And if guests want company along the way, Jérôme would be delighted to lace up his shoes and join. All they have to do is ask. "Running is a great way to see a city," he says. "Especially this city."

A jogger in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. Photo by Michael Marino.

A Private Tour Of The Musee D’Orsay

Explore Pearls Of Culture Without The Crowds

Even the hardiest art lovers can find themselves defeated by the crowds at the major Paris museums. That is particularly so at the Musée d’Orsay (1 rue de la Légion d’Honneur; +33-1-40-49-48-14), where the wealth of its collection and the building’s stunning architectural features make it one of the most-visited sites in the city. Jérôme understands that while some travelers have all the time in the world, others need to make every minute count. For Fauchon’s guests, he has arranged with the curatorial department at the Orsay to set up before-opening or after-hours visits to the museum, including to the workshops where the artworks are restored.

The busy esplanade of the Musée d’Orsay. Photo by Sarah Sergent, courtesy of Paris Tourist Office.

Exclusive Seine River Cruise—With Treats

A Family Cruise On The Iconic Paris Waterway

Paris is the city of lovers, and often those lovers return as parents hoping to share their passion for the city with their offspring. But how to find an activity unique to Paris that the whole family will enjoy–one that will produce smiles rather eye-rolls? Seine Avenue (+33-6-60-45-40-96), a private cruise company, is standing by for guests of Fauchon l’Hotel Paris to book small-boat excursions on the Seine River for up to five people at any time of the day or evening–with, of course, a Fauchon-catered meal to be enjoyed on board. Gazing at riverside monuments, discovering gourmet treats, taking selfies that no one else in the world will have–sounds like a happy memory in the making.

Enjoy a twilight cruise on the Seine River. Photo courtesy of Seine Avenue.

Designer Shopping In Paris

The Perfect Day Of Boutique Shopping With An Expert Guide

The window-shopping begins as soon as the taxi pulls up the Rue Royale into Place de la Madeleine, with rows of shops dedicated to boldface-name designers, luxury boutiques, and small artisanal pop-ups. Fauchon l’Hotel Paris is an ideally located headquarters for fashion-forward travelers–whether on a business trip to Fashion Week or out for a girlfriends’ weekend. To make sure that even repeat visitors find something original to bring home in their luggage or on their backs, Jérôme and his team have developed good relations with the neighborhood’s merchants. Just ask, and a guide will open every door.

Splashing out on a new bag (or a new color) is a great way to remember Paris. Photo by Anya Berkut/Dreamstime.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

A Bespoke Ceremony In The Madeleine Church

It is sometimes easy to forget that Europe’s grand cathedrals are also parish churches. The Eglise de la Madeleine (Place de la Madeleine; +33-1-44-51-69-00) is no exception, and the priest of the church is eager to welcome guests of Fauchon l'Hotel Paris of all faiths at services. And, for hotel guests so wishing, he has also offered to arrange a private ceremony–to celebrate a wedding anniversary or special birthday, commemorate a loved one’s passing, or mark any memorable occasion. “I was so touched by his offer,” Jérôme says. “It’s something he wants to do because we are neighbors. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The Madeleine church viewed from the Place de la Concorde. Photo by Yulia Belousova/Dreamstime.