Amaro Revival

Craft Cocktails At Hotel Majestic Roma's R Bar Toast Tradition, And Then Some
Beauty & A Dash Of Bitters

Craft cocktails might be a trend in the modern mixology experience, but credit the Italians with distilling magic potions long before it was cool.

Hotel Majestic Roma's R Cocktail Bar, with its checkerboard terrace overlooking the city's famous Via Veneto, the street immortalized in Federico Felliini’s 1960 classic La Dolce Vita, enhances its locale with made-to-order cocktails steeped in Roman tradition.

Here, the buzz is about bitters, specifically amaro, an herbaceous amber liqueur made from roots, herbs, flowers, tree bark, citrus, and sugar. Never absent from the dinner table, and often the grand finale of an Italian meal, this digestivo was invented to soothe an overly satisfied stomach.

Enjoy an aperitif on R Cocktail Bar's iconic terrace overlooking the Via Veneto.
At the R Cocktail Bar, the atmosphere is cozy, the drinks divine.
An expert mixologist at Hotel Majestic Roma’s R Cocktail Bar prepares l’amaro perfetto.
The R Cocktail Bar takes a rock-star approach to the revered Italian digestivo.

R Cocktail Bar is creating a sensation with its rock-star approach to the revered digestivo, making it the main ingredient in its extensive list of hand-crafted cocktails. Mixologists converse with guests about the bar’s unique offerings, then match the right drink to suit their tastes. For purists, there’s the neatly traditional, simple presentation, garnished only with a lemon wedge. For something a little bit outside the box, the Negroni Ossidato, R Bar’s ode to the classic Italian mainstay, gets an additional boost with a dose of amaro on top.

To truly indulge in R Cocktail Bar's love for the liqueur, l'amaro perfetto is an sensory experience for the palate, combining wines of the Mediterranean sea with the best Italian bitters.

To learn more about Hotel Majestic Roma's, or to reserve a table at R Cocktail Bar, please contact the concierge upon making your reservation.

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