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Embark On A Michelin-Worthy Tour Of Global Flavors At Hassler Roma
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The view from one Michelin-starred Imàgo restaurant on the sixth floor of Hassler Roma gives guests the feeling of sitting on top of the world. While enjoying the Roman skyline, expand your horizons even further with chef Francesco Apreda's six-course "Flavors Of A Journey" tasting menu, where the expertly prepared ingredients are combined to recall flavors from the chef's own experiences dining around the world in mind.

The Naples-born chef infuses flavors from cuisine inspired by cities like London, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Rome,as well as his favorite city for food, New York.

An Indian spin on a Roman classic, penne all’arrabbiata is dressed up in a fragrant Mumbai spice blend.
Chef Apreda puts the finishing touches on a dish that represents Tokyo, made with octopus and seaweed.
Each dish from chef Apreda's journey into international flavor combines elements from many different cultures and cuisines.
Global gourmets will revel in the vibrant dishes, which are intended to evoke their own distinctive travel memories.
Travel, Plated

A tasting of foie gras served with scones is an homage to British high tea, while the chef's take on the flavorful tandoori cuisine of Mumbai comes through in penne pasta arrabbiata-style punctuated by a fragrant spice blend. And there's more.

While each artful dish has its foundation in Italian cooking, each of the six courses represents a different city and the flavors the chef associates with them—sweet, spicy, bitter, salty, sour, and umami.

Global gourmets will revel in the vibrant dishes, which are intended to evoke their own memories of the diverse destinations. And Imàgo’s panoramic view of the city below? Consider that dessert. Or icing on the cake.

To learn more about Hassler Roma or to book Imàgo's Flavors Of A Journey experience, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation. Menu is upon request and must be booked four days in advance.

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