Follow The Flavor

Widder Spices Up Its Bar & Kitchen With A New Culinary Concept
A Feast For The Senses

Innovative husband-and-wife team, Jan E. and Regula Brucker, managing directors of Widder Hotel, wanted to create something new to Zurich's gastronomy and nightlife scenes, but they were intent on respecting the roots of the hotel.

The Old Town mainstay is legendary; a hotel that was created by combining and elaborately transforming nine medieval townhouses in 1995. Its adjoining bar became a gathering place for locals and visitors almost immediately, who were drawn to the Library of Spirits, a collection of 1,000 bottles lining the walls–from liquid bestsellers to rare vintages.

Now, after and extensive renovation, there's a new reason to visit the Widder Bar & Kitchen: a series of different culinary experiences built around a common flavor profile, aroma, or ingredient from their new Follow the Flavor menu.

Embark on a culinary expedition with Widder Bar & Kitche's Follow The Flavor experience.
Swiss artist, Raffael Benazzi, created a two-headed ram sculpture in homage to the hotel's mascot, especially for the new bar.
Widder Bar & Kitchen has maintained much of its original character, while adding a few modern twists.
The inspiration at Widder Bar & Kitchen is to tantalize the taste buds with everything from spicy chili to delicate truffles.
Mixing It Up

Spread over two floors, Widder Bar & Kitchen invites visitors to one of Zurich's star attractions with a casual dining and open kitchen concept. The regularly changing menu is unconventional and constantly evolving. "For quite a while, we have observed our guests' culinary preferences. Instead of a meal with several courses, many now prefer small, quickly served dishes that let them sample and discover new flavors," says Jan. E. Brucker.

Executive Chef Tino Staub’s Follow The Flavor experience is sorted into different categories. "Curry Trail" features a selection of inventive curry dishes, where dessert arrives in the form of a purple curry biscuit roll. "When Life Gives You Lemons," an exploration of bright citrus flavors, features a main dish of veal al limone with a flambéed lemon tart for dessert. "Smoke Signs" proposes a smoke-infused craft cocktail made with a blend of bourbon, sweet vermouth, whiskey, and beef jerky.

Warm and inviting, Widder Bar & Kitchen was designed as a gathering place, where an intriguing combination of age-old tradition and novelty lures the adventurous. Guests are invited to leave their mark for posterity along the staircase, located at the entrance of the bar, where they can sign their name or convey a message on an aluminum wall for future guests of the Widder Bar & Kitchen.

To learn more about Widder Hotel, or to make a reservation at Widder Bar & Kitchen, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.