Introducing Luxury To Untouched Lands

At The Chedi Luštica Bay Beauty Is An Exploration
A Luxury Resort On The Luštica Peninsula

The Luštica peninsula, nestled into the Adriatic coastline in Montenegro, feels like one of the secrets of universe. Soaring mountains are set against turquoise blue seas. Deep green cypress forests and olive groves stretch into the horizon. The land boasts 240 days of cloud-free skies; the chance of getting a sunny day is high.

It is in this intoxicating landscape that The Chedi Luštica Bay elected to make its home. The hotel is one of the first five-star establishments in the country and raises the standard for service and amenities. But the impressive part is that it does so while fitting seamlessly into its surroundings. Light and reflections from the water bounce into the rooms and suites. The indoor spa is inspired by nature and enhances the serenity one feels outside. The infinity pool gives swimmers the impression they can swim forever. A private beach lets guests take in this atmosphere in peace and quiet.

Here it’s easy to spend all day meditating on the vastness and beauty of the world. But the hotel is also surrounded by sites ideally suited for thrilling adventures. Yachts at the marina take guests to new places in the Adriatic Sea. ATV safaris through dense brush and wildlife are readily available. This lesser known corner of the world eagerly awaits.

Guests experiencing the Tara River Canyon through The Chedi Luštica Bay's luxury rafting excursion.
The hotel was designed to fit seamlessly with it's surroundings.
The indoor spa, inspired by nature.
Here it’s easy to spend all day meditating on the vastness and beauty of the world.
A Deep Dive

The Chedi Luštica Bay sits at the mouth of the Tara River Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At its deepest point it runs 4,300 feet into the earth. The Tara River that formed it also carved out sandy beaches, cliffs, caves, and rock formations. It is the home to feisty animals like wild goats, roe deer, and wild boar.

Guests at The Chedi Luštica Bay get to do more than look at this phenomenon from above; they can dive right in on a luxury rafting excursion. The experience lasts twelve hours, and each step of the way leaves participants enraptured. The day starts with a hearty breakfast on the banks of the canyon; next is an off-roading adventure that gets the heart pounding and the mind racing. After that is the main event: four hours on a raft soaring through the most attractive rapids on the Tara River. The guide pauses at the most enticing spots including waterfalls and swimming pools.

Rafts roll up in Šćepan Polje, a traditional village at the crossroads of Montenegro, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. There is lunch with the locals, people who have lived in this miraculous landscape their entire lives and have wisdom to share from it. While the day has already been fulfilling, it’s not over. The drive back to the hotel offers breathtaking views of the country’s most photogenic scenes.