Inspired by shared curiosity and a passion for discovering the remarkably uncommon, The Leading Hotels of the World and luxury fashion brand CAMILLA, unite for a collaboration that honors both the journey and the destination. Join us on months-long tour to six of the most captivating corners of Italy, as designer Camilla Franks immortalizes a collection of iconic Leading destination in a series of hand-painted silk prints – each works of art that poetically weave together memories with motifs, romance with rich history, and Leading’s artisans of hospitality with CAMILLA’s impeccable artistry. Bon voyage!


Hotel Santa Caterina

The journey unfolds on the Amalfi Coast from the divine Mediterranean cliffs of Hotel Santa Caterina. From the century-old Gambardellas family citrus grove that flanks the path to the pool, to the hand-painted tile murals that ornament the property’s picturesque architecture, the hallmark details of the iconic summer escape are reimagined in the CAMILLA Amalfi Amore print. “I wanted to capture that essence of summer and the understated spaciousness that this special place has to offer,” says designer Camilla Franks.


Villa Cora

Next, venture to the city of romance and the magnificent 19th century residence of Villa Cora. A handwritten love letter to four of the hotel’s most storied spaces, CAMILLLA channels the gilded opulence of the estate’s frescoes, cherub motifs, gold filigree, marble floors, and Moorish architecture in four glamorous prints; The Pink Room, A Gift from the Baron, Play Your Cards Right and Friends with Frescos.


Grand Hotel et de Milan

A journey to Italy cannot be complete without a stop at the cultural capital of Milan. The meeting place for musicians, artists and writers, and the favorite haunt of composer Giuseppe Verdi, Grand Hotel et de Milan takes center stage in the Verdi’s World print. With this design, the artisans at CAMILLA compose a symphony of botanical and baroque details that take cues from the mansion’s lavish, old-world interiors and cosmopolitan ambience.


Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

Atop the breathtaking cliffs of Sorrento and the iconic Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, inspiration abounds for a series of four CAMILLA prints that evoke warm spirit of Italian hospitality and the Fiorentino family that has helmed the hotel since 1834. “These prints are woven with moments from my personal travel journal," says Camilla Franks who sketched every aspect of the hotel – from the soaring hand-painted ceilings enjoyed during breakfast to the sunset view of an endlessly blue Bay of Naples on the terrace – in immaculate detail.


Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel

Float through the iconic canals of Venice to the stately 15th century retreat of Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel where three covetable new prints come to life. Venice Vignette, Call of the Canal and Palazzo Play Date each distinctly channel the Renaissance glamour of the property. Discover a motif that plays upon the hotel’s signature grand piano, find a picturesque vista that can only be found from its privileged vantage, or get lost in a design inspired by a hotel story – like the city’s canals and alleyways, there is beauty to uncover in every corner.


Castel Monastero

Raise a glass to the final stop on the journey: Castel Monastero, a 12th century gem in the heart of Chianti. From the rolling vineyards to the medieval frescos that ornament the walls of the former monastery, the Renaissance Romance and Letters from a Vineyard prints take iconic features of the estate and transform them into limited-edition, wearable works of art.