Michelin Star Restaurants

Nearly 100 Leading Hotels offer Michelin star restaurant experiences.

In the year 1900 Michelin brothers Ándre and Édouard, from the famed tire manufacturer, printed their first guidebook to encourage more road travel in France. By 1926 anonymous restaurant reviewers were tasked to experience and rate selected restaurants, defining restaurant standards for years to come.

Today restaurants spanning across 25 countries are rated on the quality of the ingredients used, mastery of flavor and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef in their cuisine, value for money, and the consistency between visits. Earning a Michelin star is one of the highest and most prestigious compliments for a restaurant and chef.

Explore this collection of award-winning restaurants and cuisine, certainly worth traveling for.
Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa
One Star
Leading Hotels with a one Michelin star restaurant experience
Le Royal Hotel Beruit
Two Stars
Leading Hotels with a two Michelin star restaurant experience
Tschuggen Grand Hotel
Three Stars
Leading Hotels with a three Michelin star restaurant experience
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