The success of a trip hinges on creating the perfect itinerary: mapping out how many days to spend where; designing days that balance sight-seeing and relaxation; and discovering the hot spots locals frequent. It helps that there are Leading Hotels of the World dotted across the globe, making for stylish and comfortable bases from which to explore. These Itineraries offer comprehensive sightseeing, restaurant and shopping recommendations, as well as insider tips. The 15 multi-stop destinations include Argentina, Russia, South Africa, and more.

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Leading Hotels of the World Brazil Magnificent Journeys
Brazil: São Paulo, Porto Feliz, & Rio de Janeiro
8 Participating Hotels
Brazil is massive, making up roughly half of South America, and includes everything from exciting cities to gorgeous beaches and romantic countryside escapes. Planning an itinerary is an undertaking, ...
The Leading Hotels of the World_Amalfi Coast Magnificent Journeys
Amalfi Coast / Capri
8 Participating Hotels
Located in Italy's Campania region, the Amalfi Coast begins some thirty miles south of Naples, on the southern side of the Sorrentino peninsula. This is a place where land, sea and sky strike such a ...
Leading Hotels of the World_Italy_Magnificent Journeys
Iconic Italy: Venice, Florence, Rome
17 Participating Hotels
Italy's most iconic cities are beloved for their history, culture, cuisine, art and the importance placed on la dolce vita. Rome, Florence and Venice, however, each has its own distinct personality ...
Leading Hotels of the World_Morocco_Magnificent Journeys
Morocco: Marrakech & Atlas Mountains
18 Participating Hotels
A city that blends ancient traditions and pulsing creativity, Marrakech draws first-time travelers seeking a seductive introduction to Morocco, and repeat visitors who return for its chic shopping and...
Leading Hotels of the World_Switzerland_Magnificent Journeys
Switzerland: Zurich, The Alps, and Geneva
16 Participating Hotels
In Switzerland, the staggering beauty is so much more than visual. It is noticed first in the crisp, invigorating air—the cleanest country air you can breathe. Cities feel more like large, inviting ...
The Leading Hotels of the World_Argentina Magnificent Journeys
6 Participating Hotels
The eighth-largest country in the world, Argentina comprises incredibly varied terrain, from the lunar landscapes of Patagonia to the soaring Andes. Most travelers kick off in vibrant capital Buenos ...
Leading Hotels of the World_Germany_Magnificent Journeys
Southern Germany, Munich and the Bavarian Alps
5 Participating Hotels
Experience the best of scenic southern Germany in this seven-day itinerary that blends historic cities with the recreational wonderland of the Bavarian Alps.
The Leading Hotels of the World_Ireland Magnificent Journeys
6 Participating Hotels
Ireland's highlights--Dublin and the counties of Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Galway and Mayo--might be dotted all around the green country, but they can be visited on a weeklong road trip. Just watch out ...
Leading Hotels of the World_Riviera Maya_Magnificent Journeys
Mexico: Riviera Maya
11 Participating Hotels
The Mayan coast of Mexico—a gorgeous stretch of jungle and beach that faces the Caribbean along the Yucatán peninsula—is one of the world’s most celebrated places for unplugging. But unlike so many ...
Leading Hotels of the World_Scandinavia_Magnificent Journeys
Scandinavia: Sweden, Oslo & Copenhagen
3 Participating Hotels
This eight-day itinerary kicks off in cool Stockholm, meanders through the Norwegian capital of Oslo, and ends in Copenhagen, home to one of the world's most acclaimed restaurants.
The Leading Hotels of the World_South Africa Magnificent Journeys
South Africa
5 Participating Hotels
With its dramatic coastline and lush interiors, South Africa offers one of the world's most diverse landscapes. Between vibrant Cape Town and its Winelands, the scenic coastal Garden Route and safari ...
Leading Hotels of the World_Spain_Magnificent Journeys
Spain: Barcelona & Andalucia
9 Participating Hotels
Get to know Spain’s past, present and future with a journey from the hip restaurants of fashionable Barcelona to the ancient hills of Andalucia.
The Leading Hotels of the World_North America Magnificent Journeys
Northeastern US
9 Participating Hotels
Any time of year, a week-long circuit that runs through New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. can give families the chance to discover American history first-hand. Parents might find that ...
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