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An Exclusive Table For Two In A 12th Century Wine Cellar Awaits You At Palazzo Avino
Sommelier’s Selection

In a colorful cascade of medieval palaces and craggy cliffs, Palazzo Avino is built on an ancient labyrinth. The 5th century saw the creation of Ravello, built as a refuge, the town was an impenetrable outpost with underground caves that hid its citizens from invading barbarians. By the 9th century, Ravello became a star in the constellation of towns that were the Republic of Amalfi. Castles dotted the landscape including a 12th century palace that would become Palazzo Avino in 2007. Giuseppe Avino explored its caves and uncovered a network. Originally intended as a simply a wine cellar, the Avinos realized they could share Ravello history with their guests in a unique setting.

The sommelier’s table in an ancient cave.
Palazzo Avino's wine cellar.
Enjoy a sunset dinner on the Amalfi Coast during your stay at Palazzo Avino.
The wonder of the Tyrrenhian Sea is the depth of its blues, a myriad of blues from aquamarine to indigo that enchants each visitor to the Amalfi Coast.
The Sea Of Love

Niched into an ancient alcove that now is Palazzo Avino’s wine “library”, the Sommelier Table is a rustic table for two where the palace’s award-winning sommelier curates wine-centric meals. Each meal is a story, telling the history and myths of the palace and the region through wine, cheese and rustic fare the captures the atmosphere of the cantina. The flavor of Ravello’s modern dolce vita history can be tasted upstairs to Rossellini’s, the hotel’s terrace restaurant. Helmed by chef Michele Deleo, the Michelin-starred Rossellini’s celebrates the flavors of Southern Italy and the Mediterranean while looking out onto the sea.

The wonder of the Tyrrhenian Sea is the depth of its blues, a myriad of blues from aquamarine to indigo that enchants each visitor to the Amalfi Coast. On a narrow promontory overlooking the coast line and seemingly balancing on the beautiful waters is a tiny table which brings the sea to the front row. This is the Sea of Love, Palazzo Avino’s exclusive table for two, and a truly unforgettable experience. An interactive adventure, guests take in the Gulf of Ravello on a private cruise followed by a culinary journey that combines the six sense in a private, curated dinner by Michelin star Il Rossellini, accompanied by live music.

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