Company Overview

Quality Standards

Dedicated to delivering the utmost value to its member hotels, as well as unparalleled hospitality offerings to its discerning clientele, The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. consistently evaluates potential and existing member hotels by a demanding set of quality standards. Serving as the benchmark for the luxury hospitality industry, the meticulous criteria by which the company judges and accepts its members are periodically reviewed and revised to adapt to the changing landscape and guest expectations.

Leading Quality Assurance

The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. established its product and service standards through Leading Quality Assurance, a company that conducts anonymous property inspections for the world’s most prestigious hospitality organizations. The detailed point system is designed to cover all phases of the guest experience, from reservation to check out, including every aspect of the hotel product from reception, to back-of-house. A recent revamping of the standards criteria has strengthened the original system while integrating new, forward-thinking categories.

History of Authenticity

Throughout its more than 80-year history, The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. has always prized the individuality and authenticity of each of its member hotels. This set of standards, reworked to a higher international level, is designed to help them best showcase those qualities, and to attract and retain a loyal clientele in these highly competitive times.

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