Feeling Well

Made-To-Order Rejuvenation By The Sea At Carillon Miami Wellness Resort
Thrills And Chills

Taking in all that invites relaxation in the Magic City, and then ramping it up a notch, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort uses its pristine location, along sparkling Miami Beach, to its full advantage.

Inspired by the sea, water is at the heart of the experience at the Carillon's 70,000-square-foot spa. A dip in the open-air rooftop HydroSpa hot tub offers panoramic ocean views. Inside, experiential showers re-create rainstorms, from Atlantic downpours to Caribbean monsoons. Forget the umbrella. The multi-sensory blasts are meant to invigorate the body, and slow the aging process. Massage treatments incorporate aquatic ingredients such as a detoxifying seaweed gel, and seawater mixed with essential oils to purify the skin.

Inspired by its seaside location, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort revels in relaxation.
Take on the resort's two-story, indoor rock–climbing wall for an exhilarating workout.
Mirroring European wellness traditions, cooling scents and healing stones are meant to relax the body before a treatment.
The resort's aim is to achieve complete wellness, so whatever it takes to help you de-stress is the goal.
Mission Possible

At the Carillon, chilling out is taken seriously in what the resort boasts as Miami's only igloo. Inside a cold room between 41 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, blasts of aromatherapy scents like menthol, mint, and eucalyptus are released to bring down the temperature of the body.

Mirroring European wellness traditions, the igloo is part of the spa's Thermal Experience, which features nine different hot and cold suites. Moving from one thermal suite to the next is meant to stimulate circulation and rejuvenate the body. On the warmer side of things is the laconium, a ceramic room with heated loungers and lights that twinkle on the ceiling to mimic a starlit sky.

The resort's aim is to achieve complete wellness, so whatever it takes to help you de-stress is the goal, with made-to-order services specific to each guest. Its onsite wellness clinician can create a personalized plan that might include acupuncture, energy healing, sound therapy, or participation in one of Carillon's more than 40 daily fitness classes.

But like the spa treatments, these workouts are anything but pedestrian. Trying to boost your metabolism? The Metabolic Meltdown does away with unwanted body fat using an intense regimen that spike's your body's metabolic rate. In Rockwall Bootcamp, those up for the challenge take on the resort's two-story, indoor rock-climbing wall. In addition to bragging rights, there's more incentive to make it to the top; floor-to-ceiling windows afford a bird's eye view of the ocean.

To learn more about the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, or their spa and fitness offerings, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.