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Natural Ingredients Are Combined With Healing Thai Remedies For A Restorative Spa Experience At Tivoli Mofarrej São Paulo
Rest And Recharge

Transformation is the order of the day at Tivioli Mofarrej São Paulo’s invigorating Anantara Spa. With its blend of Thai traditions and Brazilian influences, holistic treatments at the spa are designed to relax the body, mind, and spirit. Named for the Sanskrit word, Anantara, which means "without end," an experience at the spa instills in visitors a sense of freedom, movement, and harmony.

Ingredients are a key component of the experience. Natural oils extracted from Indonesian flowers and Amazonian açaí are purposefully selected. And then, there's the ancient wisdom imparted from Thai, Indonesian, and Indian practitioners that permeates each treatment philosophy. Movements, which appear almost choreographed–each performed with precision and purpose by skilled therapists, are meant to stimulate circulation and promote deep relaxation. The result? Rejuvenation and a reboot from the hectic pace of modern life.

The holistic treatments at the spa blend Thai traditions with Brazilian influences at the first Thai spa in Brazil.
A pouch of five Thai herbs is steamed to release calming essences throughout the room.
Walking into the Anantara Spa at Tivoli Mofarrej São Paulo is like entering a serene sanctuary in Thailand.
Anantara Spa treatments offer a wealth of holistic benefits with a melding of Thai and Brazilian traditions.
Naturally Soothing

Many of the treatments incorporate indigenous Brazilian ingredients revered for their therapeutic properties, such as acai berries and Amazonian clay, along with natural herbs, like lemongrass, and the antioxidant rich, super-fruit, cupuaçu, found only in the Amazon.

The spa's 120-minute Tropical Experience focuses on the hydrating ingredients of cupuaçu and coconut to pamper the skin. Luxuriate in a bubble bath, then enjoy a massage using a balm blended with the ingredients. The 60-minute Mango Journey fully engages your senses with fresh mango, honey, and yogurt for a deliciously fresh massage. For an aromatherapy pick me up, the 90-minute Thai Spicy Remedy surrounds you in a fragrant steam bath combining lemongrass, cloves, ginger, and cinnamon spices, which stimulates circulation and promotes deep relaxation, while the spa’s Thai-style massage relieves muscle tension. The longer, 120-minute Journey of Siam is an exploration of the traditions of Thai healing, where floral essential oils lather the body, and an herbal pouch, made up of five ingredients, is steamed to release calming essences throughout the room.

Anantara Spa is more than a retreat from the daily rigors of life; it's an escape, at least for a little while, into a different, gentler world.

To learn more about Tivoli Mofarrej São Paulo, or to make an appointment at the Anantara Spa, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.