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Master The Art Of French Cooking At École Ritz Escoffier
In The Kitchen

You could call it a meeting of two legends: one, a chef, Auguste Escoffier, the other, an hotelier, César Ritz, who became friends and colleagues at the Grand Hotel in Monte Carlo in the late 1800’s, and went on to become masters of luxury hospitality. The two joined forces to open several restaurants in Switzerland and London together before ultimately returning to France to open the Ritz Paris in 1898.

During his tenure as executive chef at the 210-room hotel, Escoffier solidified his reputation as “the king of chefs and the chef of kings,” with his pioneering approach to cooking and the introduction to à la carte dining to the masses. In 1988, the École Ritz Escoffier cooking school was built in his honor.

Today the prestigious cooking school offers classes taught by the world’s best cuisiniers for cooks of all levels looking to improve their knife skills, or perfect their tarte tatin recipe. Also on offer? Cocktail classes lead by world-renowned barman, and head bartender at Ritz Paris, Colin Field.

A religieuse pistache-cerise, two tiers of choux pastry filled with cherry and pistachio cream.
Learn to prepare champagne lobster fricassee with baby vegetables, during the “Lobster Two Ways” class.
One of École Ritz Escoffier’s three state-of-the-art demonstration kitchens.
Learn the art of viennoiserie-making at home, or the difference between roasting and rissole during one of the cooking classes on offer.
What’s Cooking

For the reopening of Ritz Paris in 2016, the culinary school unveiled three new demonstration kitchens, one of which overlooks the hotel’s main kitchen, to offer aspiring professionals and curious hobbyists state-of-the-art facilities in which to learn the art of French cooking.

Whether you are training for a career in cooking or wish to immerse yourself in the basics of culinary arts, École Ritz Escoffier’s expert teachers and facilities are the opportunity to learn. Hobbyists might consider a half-day class to master the art of viennoiserie-making at home, or the meat and poultry course to learn the difference between roasting and rissole.

For more information about Ritz Paris, or to reserve a class at École Ritz Escoffier, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.