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Immerse Yourself In Palace Hotel Tokyo's Impressive Art Collection
Museum Worthy

Masahito Katayama's bright yellow painting, Himaku/Sunflower, greets visitors in the lobby at Palace Hotel Tokyo. A smaller work, Sunflower, by the same artist, decorates the walls in the Palace Suite. At check-in, the imposing Echoes-Crystallization by Shinji Ohmaki depicts an endangered species of Japanese flowers. The wall installation is stark white, created from a mix of correction fluid accented with crystal powder. "This is a reminder of the sights and sounds that are disappearing from our lives as society evolves," the artist says.

But the Palace's impressive holdings aren’t only on view in its public spaces. The collection of 1,000 eclectic pieces—from pencil sketches, to paintings, Venetian glass sculptures, and metal works—can be found throughout the hotel, in guest rooms and suites. Look for Yuko Nishimura's laser-cut paper art in the Executive Suite, and Toshiya Takahama's Marunouchi Series of 26 different copper engravings on display in deluxe guest rooms.

At check-in, the imposing Echoes-Crystallization by Shinji Ohmaki depicts endangered species of Japanese flowers.
The Art Front Gallery, which curated most of the collection at Palace Hotel Tokyo, can assist guests who may want to purchase similar pieces for their own.
Masahito Katayama's bright yellow painting Himaku/Sunflower greets visitors at the lobby entrance.
Palace Hotel Tokyo’s impressive art collection introduces guests to the richness of Japan's aesthetics.
Carefully Curated

Each of the works on display was selected while the hotel underwent reconstruction in 2012, and co-curated by Tokyo's Art Front Gallery, a contemporary dealer located in the Daikanyama neighborhood. The mix of perspectives from some of Japan’s most promising talents, as well as from established artists, includes works commissioned specifically for Palace Hotel Tokyo. Some were inspired by the hotel's setting opposite the regal Imperial Gardens.

All are newly acquired, except for one: a traditional ink wash painting that once graced the entrance of the Chiyoda Suite, which was put back in the same spot after the original structure was torn down and rebuilt.

The diversity of the works is notable, but there is one common thread intrinsic to each piece. "We told our curators that all of our acquisitions needed to complement the hotel's overall design, a concept centered on the exquisite beauty of the nature surrounding the property, and the rich culture of Japan in general," said Masaru Watanabe, general manager of Palace Hotel Tokyo.

For guests who would like to pore over each piece, the coffee table book "The Art Of Palace Hotel Tokyo" is on view in each room and suite. And should collectors wish to take home a memento from Tokyo, the Art Front Gallery can assist in the selection of works created by the same artists featured at the hotel, among others.

To learn more about Palace Hotel Tokyo, its art collection, or the Art Front Gallery, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.