Uncommon Decency

Explore The Subtleties Of Japanese Etiquette During Your Stay At Palace Hotel Tokyo
Proper Comportment

Hotels across the globe can offer daily dry cleaning and suit-pressing services, internet connectivity, and overnight shoe shines for their business travelers. But Palace Hotel Tokyo prepares guests for productive meetings and positive travel encounters a bit differently.

Guests of the hotel have the opportunity to navigate the complex social code that governs daily life in Japan with a knowledgeable etiquette expert during the hotel’s Cultivating Tokyo experience. Tailored to both business and leisure travelers, the two- and four-hour sessions coach visitors through everything from meishi-koukan, the essential two-handed business card presentation and acceptance, to how deeply to bow when saying hello or goodbye, and how to properly ride the Metro at rush hour.

The hotel's etiquette expert coaches guests on the proper behavior for different occasions.
While life in Tokyo moves at lightning speed, it is a city that remains grounded in time-honored rituals.
The business card exchange is a ritual in Japan known as meishi-koukan.
Palace Hotel Tokyo’s experts teach foreign visitors proper conduct and etiquette to navigate traditional Japanese rituals.
Decoding The Differences

The Cultivating Tokyo sessions take into consideration the traveler, who may be intimidated by Japan’s unwritten rules of civility. It is also an invitation to foreign guests to experience the mind and spirit of the Japanese people.

Conducted with a connoisseur of Japanese conventions, daily pursuits are part of the training, too, if so desired. Learn the rites of mealtime (chopsticks should always be set horizontally across the bowl, never left upright in rice), and the importance and proper timing of gift-giving in both business and leisure situations.

Whether for the executive preparing for an important client meeting, or his or her adventurous family in tow on vacation, cultural differences are decoded in Cultivating Tokyo creating a better understanding of the country and its honored traditions.

To learn more about the Palace Hotel Tokyo, or to book the Cultivating Tokyo experience, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.