Own A Piece Of The Penthouse

Baglioni Hotel Regina Invites Guests To Purchase Made-In-Italy Works From Its Roman Penthouse
Sense Of Place

For those who envy the exquisite art and design inside the world's best suites and wish they could bring the same sense of style into their own homes, Baglioni Hotel Regina has a penthouse experience to satisfy such a yearning.

More exquisite apartment than hotel suite, the Roman Penthouse occupies the eight-story hotel's entire top floor. The interior, designed by Milanese architects Igor Rebosio and Federico Spagnulo, is a lesson, as the designers say, in "understanding where you are." They have created a space, which blends traditional Italian style with a sleek, modern design that leaves no question about its location in the center of Rome.

Placed throughout the rooms are contemporary objects, all of which are made in Italy and fashioned specifically for the suite. They are the essence of Baglioni Hotel Regina's site-specific, contemporary design project, "Luxury Is Not A Waste," on permanent exhibition inside.

The elegant master bath retains the mood of the refined stylistic tradition present throughout the suite.
Italian art and design pieces were created specifically for the Roman Penthouse suite.
The luxurious eighth-floor Roman Penthouse combines modern design with classical Italian style.
As a further privilege, Baglioni invites guests to purchase some of the original works on display inside the suite.
Fatto In Italia

Guests can dig deeper into the Roman Penthouse's design aesthetic in a personally escorted tour through the suite with Vincenzo Basile, art curator for Baglioni Hotels since 2013, and the creative force behind "Luxury Is Not A Waste."

As a further privilege, Baglioni invites guests to purchase some of the original works on display inside the suite for guests interested in owning a piece, or pieces, from the exhibition. The objects represent a new generation of architects and designers, as well as Italian masters of contemporary design, Enzo Mari, Ettore Sottsass, Michele de Lucchi, Paolo Ulian, and Valentina Carretta.

A visit to the magnificent penthouse is not complete without admiring the city from the private, wraparound terrace, where the panoramic view stretches from the Sistine Chapel to the Colosseum.

To learn more about the Baglioni Hotel Regina or to reserve the art and design experience inside the Roman Penthouse during your upcoming reservation with The Leading Hotels of the World, contact [email protected].