The Best Things To Do In Rome

Limitless Surprises Await In A Destination Built On Centuries Of Discovery

After nearly 3,000 years, Rome remains as daring as ever, reveling in its storied past amid scattered ruins that never grow tired, while its passion for the present buzzes with an excitable energy that ignites the Italian capital. Chic boutiques line vibrant streets where gladiators once roamed, and 21st century buildings co-exist comfortably with ancient architecture.

From the Vatican's gravitas to the frivolity of Coppedè's whimsical buildings, the ultra-hip, bohemian neighborhood Monti, and the lush gardens of the Villa Borghese, the two faces of Rome come together in dramatic fashion. The wonders of Rome never cease to amaze, but where to begin? Join local tastemakers as they unmask Uncommon Rome with their tips on the best things to do in Rome on your next trip.

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