Leading Hotels Celebrates Pride 2021

NEW YORK, NY —  (June 2021) - At The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. (LHW) we celebrate Pride along with our community and are proud to champion individuality, diversity, inclusion and equality 365 days a year.

Find out what some of our LHW family has to say:

What does Pride mean to you?

“For me, the annual celebration of Pride inspires a profound sense of gratitude. I am forever grateful to those pioneers who came before me who were unwilling to accept anything less than equality so that I, and millions like me, could have the privilege to live authentically. At the same time, I also feel a profound sense of responsibility to continue that fight for equality not only for my LGBTQ+ community but for all communities that continue to struggle for the most basic of human rights.”
    - Shannon Knapp, President & Chief Executive Officer

“I recently listened to an NPR Podcast about the history of ACT UP and how the driving force of change and protection for the LGBTQ+ community was all thanks to the determination of the group’s individual volunteers. Today, I am always so moved when I see the sheer number of attendees and spectators during Pride events, as it is an incredibly important time to reflect on and celebrate all those who have fought so hard for the rights of this community.”
    - Dan Neumann, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

“Pride month is an important time to reflect on the monumental achievements that were made by and for the LGBTQ+ community. For me, it is equally as important to continue the fight for acceptance and equality around the globe. I take pride in being able to celebrate moments of love, joy, and togetherness. Happy Pride!”
    - Gilles A. Bussutil, Loyalty Services & Experience Strategy

“To me, Pride is a sense of family and belonging. It is a community and alliance of people who are standing united and lifting each other up in celebration of self-love and acceptance when that validation hasn’t always existed. I am honored to be part of this family and share the meaning of Pride with my daughter and integrate it into her upbringing. Surrounding her in this community of positivity, she sees the beauty in herself and in others through simply living life out loud and being her truest and most unapologetic self.”
    - Lan Nguyen, Senior Director, Digital Product Development & Content

What has been your most memorable experience celebrating Pride?

“My most memorable experience celebrating Pride was during my daughter’s High School performance of The Laramie Project. Not only did she do an amazing job in her performance, but she also proudly shared in the “talk back” session how powerful this experience was for her as a gay teenager. I was both very supportive of her and proud that she is in a school environment where she felt empowered and comfortable to share her orientation in such a public setting.”
    - Phil Koserowski, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

“‘My favorite Pride event was in New York City in 2015, when the supreme court had just announced the legalization of same-sex marriage. There was such a sense of happiness, joy and pride in the streets and we danced through the West Village with beloved friends. Be proud, be bold and be YOU!’”
    - Dennis Grunden, Director, Travel Trade Eastern Region

“The São Paulo Pride parade of 2016 was one of my most memorable moments to date! I got to witness the cast of Sense8’s Netflix Series perform “Whats Up”—a song from the show’s soundtrack by musical group, 4 Non Blondes. I was so happy to be there for this and be able to take in all the amazing surrounding energy! There was such a sense of belonging and community, which coincidentally is one of the main messages of the series.”
    - George Chiminazzo, Sales Manager

How do you celebrate Pride?

“The Stonewall uprising of 1969 marked a revolutionary turning point in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, thanks to the brave trailblazers who helped pave the way for the community. I celebrate these pioneers and Pride every chance I get with a visit to the historic NYC Greenwich Village address. You may even find me on the famous second floor stage from time to time putting on a show.”
    - Gerald J. Graziano, Marketing & Communications

“Beyond the festivity and the moment of lightness, Pride represents for me the celebration of a continuous fight of the LGBTQ+ community to simply exist. This is also for me a reminder to be incredibly proud and grateful for having had the opportunity to create my own family against all odds.”
    - Brice Cicconetti, Director of Business Performance

“Ten years ago, I had just moved to Manhattan and attended my first NYC Pride parade. I vividly remember emerging from the subway station onto the streets of the West Village, right across from The Stonewall Inn. Thousands of individuals were gathered to celebrate love, and the moment was magical. Celebrating Pride acknowledges the extraordinary progress that has been made, and serves as a reminder to me the importance of being an active ally and supporter of the community—to ultimately help bring change. Love is love!”
    - Gina Anderson, Sr. Manager, Communications


About The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. (LHW)
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